Hog Roast Hire Will Delight your Guests

Since medieval times, the hog roast has become the preferred form of amusement and form of feeding the masses in Britain. Catering for a big group can be problematic – the food is often less yummy, not very appealing and rather unimaginative. With Mill House Hog Roast, the meat stays hot and juicy right up to the minute of dishing to the audience of grumbly tummies.  

The secret is to begin with ingredients of the finest quality, to guarantee a satisfying outcome. The rind has to be scored equally and salted properly to make sure it generates superior crackling. The crisp crackling can be handed out before, as a small starter, or along with the meat to really experience all the wonderful flavours.  

Whether you’re planning a backyard bash for family and friends or a dinner party with guests in evening wear, the hog roast is the best option. It can be ready outside as well as indoors, as the newest preparation methods are clean and smoke-free and the roasters sleek and attractive. The majority of the burners are gas-powered, which makes it the perfect way of preparing food in an isolated area with no access to power. The rotating spit is generally battery-powered for the identical reason. 

Sometimes the hog is going to be carved right on the spit; at other times it’s going to be done on a dividing platform within sight of the people, thus adding an element of interest to the event. Guests may even have their own hunk of hog to carve on the table, making a true entertainment element. 

We often leave a purpose feeling disappointed with the portions of food they received. With hog roasting, this is an issue of the past. Portions are generous and there’s always the chance of going back for seconds. One hog could feed up to 200 mouths, so this kind of fun is one of the most economical for any large group of guests. Additionally, there are the extras – apple sauce or mustard, home-baked bread, sandwich platters, baps, desserts and salads – to supplement the hog roast and offer a healthy option for those conscious about what they eat.  

So, for the next function, forget the dull platters or foreseeable restaurant fare. Get guests considering and admiring the centrepiece of this function – a sexy supreme hog roast north west enticingly revolving over hot coals, turning brown and crisp when giving off an earthy odour. Now that’s superior entertaining, whatever the weather.

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