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Xtrema Cookware Giveaway

Xtrema Cookware has created a line of 100% organic, metal and chemical free ceramic cookware for the purest taste, easiest clean-up, and most versatile cooking experience around. Not only that - this ceramic cookware can withstand even the highest temperature without cracking or melting.
Inorganic and Safe 100% Ceramic Cookware for Healthy Eating and Living! Experience pure taste, easy clean-up, no leaching and unparalleled cooking versatility!
  • 10” Diameter: A roomy skillet ideal for multiple servings and dishes featuring larger ingredients.
  • Protective Silicon Handle: The included protective silicon pot holder makes the handle cool-to-the-touch and easy-to-grip.
  • Secure and Sturdy Lid: Cover your skillet for splatter-free cooking and an easier-to-clean stovetop.
  • High-gloss Finish: Featuring a non-toxic ceramic glaze with high-gloss, scratch-proof black finish.
  • Dishwasher and Microwaveable Safe: For the most convenient cooking experience.
With your new 10” ceramic skillet, you’ll get the roomy cooking surface you need for multiple servings and dishes that call for large ingredients, but in a size that’s convenient. Add in the red silicon protective handle, and you’ve got yourself the perfect skillet that’s perfectly easy to transport. How could cooking get even better? By adding in the cover, you’ll enjoy splatter-free cooking surfaces for snappy kitchen cleanup.
Cabbage braising for a golden brown side dish to delight the whole family, yogurt-marinated chicken sizzling for a Mediterranean take on a classic dish, seasoned turkey burgers browning for a healthy and delicious Saturday lunch … with your new 10” ceramic skillet, you’ll be tapping into the culinary genius within, breathing new life into the everyday task of cooking.
Flavor Reaches New Heights
Your new 10” ceramic skillet isn’t just your ordinary piece of cooking equipment. It’s Xtrema, the only skillet featuring the revolutionary cooking surface that brings out the flavors of your dishes. Other skillets will leach metals into foods, altering their taste and muting their flavor notes. Or, they have a non-stick surface that emits toxic fumes and dampens dishes.
With Xtrema, you’ll find your food tastes cleaner, brighter and stronger. And you won’t have to worry about serving your family dishes with anything in it other than the healthy food you intend.
Cook like a Professional
Xtrema is celebrated by professional chefs for its superior far-infrared cooking abilities. It’s the best kind of heat because it results in the best distribution. You’ll be serving up perfectly prepared dishes, heated evenly throughout for easy, predictable cooking.
And it’s not just the cooking that is easy with Xtrema … it’s the serving too. Because of it retains heat so well, your new skillet will stay hotter longer. It’s not a mad rush to get it all to the table at once. Enjoy your cooking experience thanks to Xtrema. And your family will enjoy the meal even more when their third helping tastes as delicious and fresh as their first.
As with all Xtrema ceramic cookware
  • Non-scratch: You have the freedom to use any utensils: nylon, silicone and wooden.
  • Versatile: Built to withstand extreme heat and cold, each piece can go directly from oven to freezer. Whether you want to cook on the stovetop, broiler, grill or microwave, you can do it all with Xtrema.
  • Easy to Clean: Spend more time enjoying your food and less time cleaning up after it with Xtrema’s sinfully easy clean up … you can even stick it in the dishwasher!
  • Practical: With Xtrema, your cooking time is reduced and your food will stay hotter longer.
  • Healthy: Your food will not only taste better, it will be healthier as no trace metals or chemicals leach from the non-toxic ceramic glaze surface.
  • 100% Green: Not only is cooking with Xtrema healthy for your family, it’s also friendly to the environment. From the earthy-friendly production practices and inorganic natural minerals used in construction to the safe ceramic glaze alternative to harmful PFOA coatings of most other popular non-stick cookware, Xtrema is eco-friendly.
  • Handcrafted: Each piece is handcrafted to uphold the strict quality standards of the world’s finest ceramic cookware.


Brought to you by Xtrema Cookware and Mom to Bed by 8, the Iowa-Mom. Giveaway ends May 18 at 11:59PM EST. Open to the US residents only; must be 18 years of age or older to enter.
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