Friday, December 30

Storm of the i: An Artobiography Review & Giveaway


If you love reading you'll love this new book! Written by the Artist Tina Collen's, The book Storm of the i: An Artobiography is a fabulous read for any reader.

This book is a hybrid of art and narrative that communicates on many levels. The synthesis is riveting. In it Collen often lets her art tell the story - a successful artist who, at the height of her career (during an exhibition in Paris) confronts a lifetime of rage and rejection from her father. What follows is a fascinating and intimate self-portrait-mystery. At the time she wrote the book, her father hadn't spoken to her in 15 years and she never knew why. Collen's heartbreaking exploration is filled with gripping episodes that are poignant, wise and humorous. The book is overflowing with memorabilia, drawings, photographs, and gorgeous 5-panel painting that folds out of the book, a mildly scandalous lift-up flap and even a pop up that hands that reader a fortune cookie with a message inside. This highly unusual creation inspires us to think about the talents, the humor and the memories that we all possess.

"No one was burning my flesh with cigarettes; no one was carving words into my chest with razor blades - yet, the relentless message of being unlovable scorched my inner landscape.  I used to wonder, why do I feel entitled to his love just because I am his child?  Much later I would come to realize that it is simply a human need."

The Storm of the i has won the Benjamin Franklin Award, Nautilus Book Awards, and the Independent Publisher Book Award.  I'm sure there are many more awards to come!!  This book is powerfully smart and funny, and is filled with fantastic art.  I was engaged from the moment I started reading...written to take you on a journey,  I felt every bit of pain and joy with her.  Sad to say i neglected my boys for a while ;p ...only because I couldn't put it down...but I think they'll get over it...

You can read other excerpts of the book at ...

Ms. Collen's would like to offer an autographed copy of Storm of the i to the reader who posts the most thought-provoking answer to this question:

“Oftentimes the objects we hold onto contain cryptic clues that point towards something deeper about ourselves. Take a look around your house (or your room) at the things with which you have surrounded yourself. Is there anything you are still hanging onto that seems to contain a hidden message for you?”

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Giveaway ends :  January 14 2012


Karen said...

I grew up having almost no money. I think I hold on to things I don't need because I'm afraid I won't have enough.


Diane52 said...

I'm not sure why, but I'm hanging onto my old Barbie dolls???? I have two grown sons and no daughters.
Diane Baum

Anonymous said...

I hang onto my old trumpet from the high school band which I know my son wouldn't want when I die.

Valerie Taylor Mabrey said...

I have hung on to my kids' building blocks
vmkids3 at msn dot com

erma said...

I hanged onto my kid's paintings.

Anonymous said...

I still have all of my old vinyl; the music is a memory of a special time and place.

Gianna said...

Kids drawings are everywhere.. even in boxes.

cassandra said...

I hold onto all of my kids projects and art pieces.

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